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Many people may overlook their elbow — until it starts to hurt. Tennis elbow shifts everything into focus, forcing you to realize how frequently you rely on this critical joint. If your elbow is causing you pain, the experts at Myofascial Pain Specialists, in the area of Massapequa, New York, can give you relief. With years of experience treating joint pain, they’re eager to help you. Call or schedule your appointment online today.

Tennis Elbow Q & A

What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is a joint condition named for the activity that most commonly causes it: tennis. But tennis elbow can affect you even if you’ve never swung a racket. This painful condition is caused by any repetitive motion of the elbow.

Tennis elbow occurs when the tendons that join your forearm muscles on the outside of your elbow become inflamed. Overuse causes this inflammation, which can make it painful to use your elbow and can cause tenderness in the area. If you feel pain when you grip an object, turn a doorknob, hold a mug, or shake a hand, you may have tennis elbow.

How is tennis elbow treated?

In some cases, rest, ice, and taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications may be enough to relieve your pain. If, however, these treatments aren’t stopping your pain, it may be time to get in touch with Myofascial Pain Specialists.

As experts in treating tennis elbow, they can help diagnose your condition and develop a treatment plan for you. If your tennis elbow is causing you significant discomfort and impacting your quality of life, they can provide Sarapin and Toradol injections as a treatment to offer you long-term pain relief.

What kind of injections are used?

Unlike many other health care providers, Myofascial Pain Specialists doesn’t use corticosteroid injections. While these injections may seem like a magic cure-all for pain to some, injecting steroids can cause joint infection, nerve damage, and break down nearby bone, tissue, and cartilage.

Fortunately, there are safer but equally effective injection alternatives. The team at Myofascial Pain Specialists offers Sarapin and Toradol injections.

Sarapin injections

Sarapin is a naturally derived alternative to steroid injections. It blocks pain signals in the nerves surrounding the injection site, giving you long-term relief from pain without any of the risk factors associated with corticosteroids.

Toradol injections

Toradol is a powerful, non-addictive painkiller. As a nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory drug, it can eliminate the inflammation in your tendons that is causing your tennis elbow. And it doesn’t come with the side effects of steroids or other addictive painkillers.

If you have tennis elbow and would like to put an end to your pain, call Myofascial Pain Specialists or request your appointment online today.