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Pain in your knee can be debilitating. If you experience discomfort while walking, running, playing sports, or simply standing, it’s time to deal with your knee pain. The knee pain experts at Myofascial Pain Specialists serve Massapequa and the surrounding New York area. Call or request an appointment online to start your highly effective knee pain treatment.

Knee Pain Q & A

What causes knee pain?

Most knee pain results from one of two causes: an injury or a medical condition.

Knee pain resulting from injury

Knee overuse or injury can lead to tendonitis (inflamed tendons), torn tendons or ligaments, bursitis, or damaged menisci. Bursitis occurs when the bursae — or small pockets of fluid that lubricate your tendons — become inflamed. Menisci are the thin layers of cartilage in your body that cushion and stabilize your joints. Problems like these can cause knee pain.

Knee pain resulting from medical conditions

A number of types of arthritis can cause you pain in your knee, including:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Gout
  • Pseudogout
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Septic arthritis

Obesity can also lead to knee pain because it puts more stress on these joints.

How do I treat my knee pain?

The first step to treating your knee pain is resting it, especially if your pain is resulting from an injury. Take a break from sports and exercises, minimize walking as much as possible, and consider using a brace to support your joint so it can heal quicker. Ice, heat, and over-the-counter medication can also help.

It may be time to see a doctor about your knee pain if it is swollen for more than a few days, you cannot fully extend your leg, or you find that your knee can’t bear your weight.

What kind of knee pain treatments are most effective?

Before you assume your knee pain will require a surgical procedure, contact Myofascial Pain Specialists. They may be able to help. The health specialists have a number of highly effective knee pain treatments that they can explore with you well before surgery needs to be discussed.

They can set you up with a nutritional plan that can help minimize the inflammation in your knee, and thus alleviate your pain. They can also prescribe pain gels.

If you’ve researched knee pain, you’ve probably discovered that some people turn to steroid injections to minimize the pain. While these can be effective, they come with a number of potential side effects, from tissue and bone decay to nerve damage and joint infection.

As a safe but equally effective alternative, Myofascial Pain Specialists offers Toradol injections — a powerful anti-inflammatory painkiller — and Sarapin injections, a naturally derived painkiller that blocks pain signals in your nerve.

To get relief from your knee pain, call Myofascial Pain Specialists or schedule your appointment online.